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Frequently Asked Questions - Merlin LiveBid

Q: I don't have a Paypal account, can I still leave a deposit?
A: Yes. When you click on the PayPal "Buy Now" button on the My Account page, you will be re-directed to PayPal. Underneath the Login button for PayPal, you will see a link saying "Pay with a Bank Account or Credit Card"
Please note, it is best to do this from a desktop computer or tablet. On the phone, PayPal's responsive website link to "Pay with Bank Account or Credit Card" disappears for some reason!

Q: Is the deposit refundable if I do not buy?
A: Yes

Q: How long does the deposit last?
A: The deposit you give us is an Authorisation which is like a "hold" on your credit / debit card and the authorisation lasts for 28 days, i.e. it automatically expires then. This gives you access to use Merlin LiveBid for 21 days.

Q: Can I void my deposit earlier?
A: Yes of course. When you were granted access to Merlin LiveBid, you would have received an email confirming this. Simply reply to this email asking for your deposit to be voided.

Q: You have voided my authorisation but it hasn't happened yet.
A: When we void your authorisation, the banks can sometimes be slow to do their part and can take up to 5 working days for them to process the void.

Q: How do I login into Merlin LiveBid?
On a computer, login to www.merlin.ie -> LiveBid -> Open Livebid

On a phone / tablet - You will need to download the Merlin LiveBid app and login with your username and password.

Q: When I try and login on the app, it won't let me in.
A: Has your access expired? Login to www.merlin.ie from your browswer and to to the MyAccount page and see when your account has expired. If you can see the PayPal BuyNow button, you will need to leave a new deposit.

Q: How do i bid?
A: Simply click on the "Bid € Now" button underneath the image on the left hand side. Whatever the amount is in the button when you click on it, that is the amount you are bidding. When you place a successful bid, the button turns blue and says WITH YOU. If someone else bids, the button will change to the next bid amount.

Q: What are the May Bid and I'm Out buttons?
Please ignore these buttons. Do not use these buttons to bid, they will not work.

After the auction
Q: What is a Provisional Bid?
A: A Provisional Bid is where the price achieved is under the reserve price and the auctioneer will sell the car provisionally. We will contact the seller to let them know of the offer on their car and in turn, contact the buyer and do our best to make a sale. The cars is not yours if it is Provisionally Sold to you, you must wait to hear from the sales team to confirm whether your bid was accepted or not.

Q: I have bought a car, how long do I have to pay and collect the car?
A: You have 2 working days to pay for and collect your car.

Q: I want my deposit voided now, how do I do this?
A: When you were granted access, you would have received an email from us, simply reply to this email, asking for your deposit to be voided. Once we have done this, we will send you an email confirming that the void has been done. Please note that it may take up to 5 working days for this to be processed.