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Steps to selling at auction

1. Bring your car to Merlin Car Auctions
When you arrive at Merlin Car Auctions, one of our sales team will ask you to fill out an entry form.
This information will describe your car and will be read out by the auctioneer when your car goes under the hammer. The information given on this form must be accurate. If any of the information given is incorrect, you will be legally held responsible for any costs that may arise from the incorrect statement.

Please let the sales team know if there is any outstanding finance on the car and remember to remove all personal items from the car (insurance disk) – and don’t forget to check the boot!

2. Place a reserve price on your car
A reserve price is the minimum amount you want to sell your car for, the car will not be sold for less than this amount. If you are unsure of the value of your car, please ask a member of the sales team. Alternatively, you can get the latest Snapshot which lists all the cars we have sold here over the last four months, showing you how much each sold for, this will give you a good indication.

3. Don't forget to bring all the documentation
You will need to bring with you, the Vehicle Licensing cert (VLC), NCT cert and tax disk, if it has any and any service history documentation.
You will also need to bring 2 forms of ID, a photo ID e.g. passport or drivers licence and a recent proof of address e.g. a bank statement or utility bill.
A €50 entry fee which can be paid by cash or debit / credit card.

4. Attend the auction or leave a contact number
Your car will be entered into the next suitable auction for your car and it is not necessary for you to attend the auction itself, you can leave a mobile number to be contacted in the event of a provisional sale. This is where the car reaches a bid under your reserve price and you will be contacted to see if you will accept this offer. You are not obliged to sell your car at a provisional sale price.

5. Payment is made
After when the car is sold, you will be paid within five working days and a cheque (hammer price less sellers fees) will be sent in the post, provided we have received payment for the car. Please make sure that the address given on the entry form is correct.

If the car is not sold, it will be entered into the next suitable auction at no extra cost.

Please note: Some cars of a certain year or condition or with high miieage will be required to be entered in as a "No Reserve" entry. This means it will be sold to the highest bidder.

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