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Auction Grading

At Merlin Car Auctions, we grade all Ex-Finance and Ex-Fleet vehicles prior to auction.

Our experienced Merlin Vehicle Assessors grade the overall bodywork condition of the vehicle which will help you make an informed decision when buying a car at Merlin Car Auctions.

The auction grade is displayed on the vehicle, online on the car details page and will be announced by the auctioneer at the time of sale.

An explanation of our auction grades are below:

Grade 5 - Excellent Condition
Has had no paintwork (faultless – ready to retail – no marks no scratches no paintwork – no damage – no repair).

Grade 4 - Very Good Condition
Has had no paintwork (minor marks, scuffs – light scratches – near perfect)

Grade 3 - Above Average
Has had no paintwork (vehicle has minor damage - may need a panel repaired or repainted in parts)

Grade 2 - Average
Repainted (vehicle has had body repair or repaint work – and/or has some body work to be carried out)

Grade 1 - Poor
Damaged & Repaired (vehicle has had previously been damaged and visibly repaired – and/or has bodywork to be carried out)

Grade 0 - Very Poor
Damaged & Not repaired (vehicle has had previously been damaged and has been repainted or repaired badly in parts)

If you require any further explanation of our Auction Grading, contact Merlin. We are here to help