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Timed Auctions Information

Here's how it works ...

1) Login into www.merlin.ie using your LiveBid details

2) Look through the catalogue and select a car that interests you.

3) The bid increment is €50

4) As an example, if the current bid is €500 and you put a max bid of €700, the current bid will go to €550 and you will be the highest bidder. If someone else bids €600, the current bid will go to €650 and you will still be the highest bidder.

4) If you are outbid, you will receive an email notifying you of this.

5) There will be a minute interval between lots at the end of the auction, e.g lot 1 will finish at 3.01pmm, lot 2 will finish at 3.02pm etc.

6) After the auction you will get an email confirming whether you have provisionally won a car or won a car out right.

Best of luck!