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Hassle Free Steps to Selling

Hassle Free Steps to Selling at Auction

1. Book In Your Car For Auction

The entry form will describe your vehicle and will be read out by the auctioneer as your vehicle goes under the hammer. You can book in your vehicle for auction when you bring your car to us in Naas. Please notify the auctioneer if there is any outstanding finance due on the vehicle and whether you want to settle the balance out of the proceeds of sale.

The information given on this form must be accurate. N.B. If any of the information given on the entry form is incorrect, you will be legally held responsible for any costs that may arise from the incorrect statement.

2. Present Your Car For Auction

Simply present the vehicle at the auction with all its documentation, two forms of identification (photo and a recent utility bill) and your entry fee

  • A €50.00 entry fee

3. Place A Reserve Price On Your Vehicle

A reserve price is the minimum amount you want to sell your vehicle for; the vehicle will not be sold for less than this amount. If you are unsure of the value of your vehicle please ask a member of the sales team.

4. Attend The Auction Or Leave A Contact Number

If you do not wish to attend the auction itself, you can leave a number to be contacted at in the event of a provisional sale. This is where the vehicle reaches a bid close to your reserve price and you will be contacted to see if you would like to sell your vehicle for this price. You are not obliged to sell your vehicle at a provisional sale price.

5. Payment Is Made

After the car is sold you will be paid within five working days of the auction and a cheque will be sent through the post, once we have received payment for the vehicle. So please make sure that the address given on the entry form is correct.

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