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Feature and Specialist Auctions

Feature and Specialist Auctions

Auctions are about much more than family cars going under the hammer!

Here at Merlin Car Auctions we are delighted to be able to offer a variety of feature and specialist auction, complementing our three-weekly auctions. So whether you want to pick up a bargain in our ‘no reserve’ sales or are looking for a high spec prestige motor, we have something for you!

No Reserve Auctions

A no reserve sale is so called as there is no limit on how low each car will sell for. Usually in an auction there is a price that the seller deems to be the minimum they will sell their car for. Merlin's No Reserve auctions are an excellent way to get unbelievable bargains!

Prestige Auctions

Prestige auctions at Merlin are well known for their collection of the most prestigious cars on the road – all exclusive to Merlin Car Auctions. Buyers at these auctions achieve substantial savings on forecourt prices on top of the range models such as Bentleys, Jaguars, Porsche's and Mercedes. Always a popular auction with our customers!

Vintage Auctions

Vintage auctions at Merlin are rare and wonderful. Featuring prized cars that have been lovingly cared for by their owners, this auction showcases the very best in old world cars for the modern era. A collectors dream and a must for anyone interested in cars!

Commercial Auctions

At Merlin Car Auctions we include a selection of commercial vehicles in every auction.  To view a selection of commercial vehicles for sale, click here and choose Commercial on the drop down on the Type of car selection.