Merlin Car Auctions

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Checklist For Selling At Auction

  • Decide on a realistic price you would like to get for your car. If you are not sure what your car is worth, checkout Snapshot or our experienced Sales Team will be happy to value your car.
  • Make sure that you have your Vehicle Licencing Cert (VLC)/logbook, NCT certificate, service history and all other relevant paperwork needed to pass to the new owner.
  • Remove all personal items from the car (insurance disk) – and don’t forget to check the boot!
  • Bring the car and it will be entered into the next available auction. For information on sellers fees and payment terms click here.
  • Your car will be included in our catalogue and online with accompanying photographs and details provided by you.
  • A reserve price will be set and if the bid does not reach this, your car will go back into the next available auction at no additional cost.
  • If a bid is at or above the reserve price is entered successfully, you will be advised of the sale. Congratulations you will have sold your car!

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